Gangnam Style Guinness World Record

Update Gangnam Style Records

When I first came across the Gangnam Style music video Boys or someone like that to digest the music videos and music in our country was the idea that there.

It's too Sy ...!! Who think that this view was it not me only.

Gangnam Style Records

Im a song around the world to Korean Psy made the doganitang malchum embellish a remarkable rise over the Billboard Top 2…

I am proud.

Gangnam Style Psy peojeo out to the world via YouTube, once again renewed the record.

Psy's Gangnam Style, achieve the 300 million YouTube views in just the last 28 days, 76 days 21:00 Music Publication has achieved a new world record for the shortest period of time.

300 million recorded in the previous byueul who broke Jennifer Lopez is the only public YouTube "On The Floor" 139 days did that twice near speed .. ^^

Gangnam Style Psy ahead of the record of the 'ok chot "Most only from 224 to 21 days YouTube has set the field Guinness World Record.

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