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2 Lee Youngae Dae Jang Geum appeared one?

MBCend 17An advisor
through `Dae Jang Geum2`Lee Youngae revealed that the actor will produce next year
This interest has been focused on whether or not appearing.


Last 2003Year broadcast `Dae Jang Geum`Lee Youngae's, Hong Ri-na, Ji Jin-hee
The highest rating in such a starring drama 50%I received a lot of love beyond the extent, China, Japan and even gotta represent the hottest strap exports overseas Korean drama

 Jewel 2

Especially `Dae Jang Geum`The hero
The share of the Lee Youngae seojanggeum wonak large indeyo a big concern if you want to join the sequel will be produced next year, Lee Youngae `Dae Jang Geum2`If you want to appear 2005In movies
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance` after 8Years and, Drama 2003year `Dae Jang Geum` after 10This is only the appearance of the years.


Lee Youngae last 2009Last year the twin birth after marriage and parenting
It is known to be the one I'm committed. Lee Youngae also called a positive stance on the showbiz comeback.


Lee Youngae is a recent comprehensive channel TVAbout the possibility of returning books and interview ShipbuildingYet so thankful if it wants the minutes until. then
Even expecting a good work out quickly to those whoI had suggested the possibility of high returns.


Meanwhile MBC According to the aide MBC Kim Jaecheol
President Recently, China HunanTVA visit `Dae Jang Geum2` He had negotiated broadcasting cooperation. Last
year `Dae Jang Geum`The first broadcast in China
HunanTVIt is `Dae Jang Geum2`on
It also balhyeotdago the doctor seongumae seontuja. Therefore MBCIt isKim Jaecheol, president next year `Dae Jang Geum2` When Hunan TVTVSaid first means hagetdaneun negotiate withHe preached.


Dae Jang Geum2 Already doeneundeyo I expect from.^^

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