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Abercrombie wholesale oil cod Lux – Female staff recruitment

Wholesale Abercrombie recruits female employees in Daegu Lux Yu.

Daegu Abercrombie Abercrombie wholesale oil wholesale professional Lux,Hollister is a specialized wholesale supplier Abercrombie parallel importers to.

Lux is located in the Yu Gu, Daegu, and operates with an offline store or office.

The wind supporting the many people who in Daegu.

— Admissions—

● Abercrombie wholesale-related services : 1persons

● store sales services : 1persons

● Gender : female

● Age : 20 ~

● Pay : Decision after the interview

The main tasks and details

● Abercrombie wholesale-related services

 – Telephone Consultation, Shipping & Receiving Related, Inventory Management

 – Hangul, Excel, PowerPoint ganeungja

 – career : Beginners accepted

 – Education : No Education Limited

● store sales services

 – Abercrombie, Hollister store sales

 – career : Beginners accepted’

 – Education : No Education Limited

● Location : Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City Santoku monovalent 33-9 Address 1 layer

  – It's chamber came into the Cod Jung Communications John Alley Alley Gallery come about 80m to the right of the Abercrombie store seems an office on the second floor, so please bring prices when visiting history directly.

● Contact Phone : 053 425 5459

Lux Yu Homepage

Wholesale Abercrombie

Beginners are also available. Retail sales are all welcome if you like the minutes everyday clothes.

Wholesale Abercrombie minutes you support related tasks excel, Hangul, I know how to handle PowerPoint rooms. ^^

Eopeuni restrictions on age, please support the many people. Wholesale Abercrombie and cod Lux ​​Yu office, Store atmosphere is really good. ^^

Traffic conditions also really good.

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