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Kim Yeonah muscles out

Muscle has become a hot topic, etc. of the figure fairy Kim Yeonah.

Recently, the online community would put Kim Yeonah to show the video contained scenes of the game, Kim Yeonah published in the Japan Broadcasting.

In a short video about 10 seconds Kim Yeonah has the appearance of a beautiful and elegant gestures, such as turn-by olrimyeo lightly on the shoulder with a peculiar look on ice smoke contains smoke.

Kim Yeonah muscles

In particular, Kim Yeonah minced muscle exercise at the scene, including the extruding has clearly revealed.

Kim Yeonah muscles are really cool. Best ice sheets also acting muscles, but Kim Yeonah is the best.

Meanwhile, Kim finished Liege last August 26 Bangi-dong, Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium held at the ice rink special "All That Skate Summer 2012 'success for three performances.

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