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Bikini Barbers Jackpot.

Bikini Barbers want to hit.
Barber is' sexy’ The changing.

It would be to hire a slim and pretty women as 'Barber'.

Even more important is the dress of a female barbers. The place of white gown and wear a bikini. The famous restaurant Hooters waitresses in sexy attire(Hooters)Barbers somewhere here on earth would a benchmarking '?

"Bikini Bar Bus in Long Branch, NJ(Bikini Barbers)"You sprinkle the back topics opened in February last year,. Indeyo thanks to the innovative concept of Barbers completely changed the way business.

The "Bikini Bar Bus dwaetgo the meantime, several reports in local newspapers, In reality programs are also aired on AXS TV became famous.

Jeff wolkeon founded the "Bikini Bar Bus(29)It has cleared the first chapter of a successful era novel idea. Studied aeronautical engineering at the university, he now tries to take off towards the skies.

New Jersey and the dot-com 'Bikini Bar Bus received resilience to the business over the past year and a half sets out the franchise to recruit 13 days(American perspective) Reported.

Bikini Barbers

'Bikini Barbers' of wolkeon was inspired by his reason reluctant to go to the barbershop. Antiquated atmosphere but not related to the latest fashion, I'd say the increase is due to the similar style haircut did not like the changes and innovations also seem to come from discomfort.

He squeezed idea to hire pretty girls hairdresser, It established a bikini uniforms eotneundeyo. Barbers interior adorned with beach atmosphere. In fact, it is the interior concept caught on the beach next to the region because the sea is actually a must.

haircut, Dyeing and other services fees also "super-cut that has over 2,100 franchisees in the United States(Supercut)"I matchwotneunde more expensive level of about two US dollars.

The most basic haircut fee is $ 18 Men(Students and seniors 15 US dollars), Woman is $ 28.

To receive services from an attractive woman wearing a beanie key to have a licensed hair stylist who will pay the guests are thought to be willing to spend about two US dollars. His expectation was not wrong. Looked pretty fun.

In this place also a massage service. However, sales and decadence is not at all related. In reality program here it is different from the actual dwaetjiman produce exaggerated.

Founder wolkeon to "look at the statistics for the past year and a half were male, 87% rate of customers," he said that "a man will strive to be not only a place for children and women is also a favorite.".

In Korea, the franchise can not hear me up ㅎㅎ

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