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SNL showdown over sexiness

SNL showdown over sexiness

Singer pass tvN 'SNL Korea’ Broadcasting from the beginning of the unfolding confrontation Clara and sexiness has become a hot topic.

Broadcast last 28 days 'SNL Korea' has gone haetneundeyo appeared as the main host. Passing day “There are a lot of worries. 'Enlarged breasts’ "Gina flap’ 'G cup pass’ He also worried about you like a lot of acquaintances because of such modifiers. But do come here are always dangling modifiers. This time, I want to boldly exciting and fun go closer to you”It said a comment to scramble to the host.

SNL past

The Clara and Ryu Seyun is handed a bouquet by means of celebrating the debut of the past on stage. Ryu Seyun is “I gotta be with a great honor. SNL crew Clara has a sexy icon. However, the aid is passed by sexy icon. I would like to aid the table”And handed the horses.

The balkkeunhan Clara “I received a lot of love in verse. Shall I show now being the municipal posture”Ward said the stance taken have succeeded in turning the attention of Ryu Seyun. Gina also danced a sexy dance to the music, but the choice of Ryu Seyun was Clara.

Embarrassed through “The results did not give to be like this”And also saying “Today I will show you a lot of other attractions”Said aspiration.

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