Release Infinite Challenge transportation card

Infinite Challenge transportation card on Nov. 11 launch

Mbc a transportation card logo and the look of the popular entertainment program, Infinite Challenge is engraved release.

11May 2, mbc has become the focus of interest is the theme of the logo says neundeyo program that launches an infinite challenge transportation cards are initially produced as a transportation card.

Release Infinite Challenge transportation card


Infinite Challenge transportation cards are smaller in size than the existing market of existing transport card to 5cm x 5cm size smartphone, Game consoles, A product that can be easily put off for a variety of devices such as mp3 players and that includes the electromagnetic wave shielding and heat dissipation features.


Infinite Challenge Infinity Challenge transportation card default logo and F1 Racing, Made from three kinds of Speed ​​theme is available for prepaid cards.

To receive the discount only youth transportation card must purchase a juvenile form.


The price of Infinite Challenge traffic card is not charged at the price of a blank card to start the reservation sold through MBCTshop to 9,900 won from the 11th.


In the meantime it has been released a lot of different shapes of the traffic card transport card program theme is indeyo first.. Now I think coming days to see a celebrity's face on the transport card .. ^^


If you need transportation card Infinite Challenge Book eonneung ~ ^^

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