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Non-physical age 40 Rani non-impact physical age

The non-physical age came the decision whopping 40 daeraneun.
The last 25 days kbs yeonyega haetneundeyo rain appeared on the relay guerrilla dating from the rain and Lee “Recently I received a health checkup, Body Age(Body Age)40 came as”It was a shock confession.

1982I do not fit in the student being able to understand Dozer hee rain with a single body, age 40.
We look disgrace ratio is not lean, muscular body, showing the age of mommaeeul 74kg 185cm 40 of the hut painted keys shown in the broadcast Huck…

The impact of non confession is yeonyega relay reporter Kim Saeng-min “It was so hard workout?” The reaction showed that this ratio “I heard talk excessively exercising so the body was sanghaetdaneun as excessive dieting and schedule” He said that his body had explained why the age of 40 applied.

Rain neundeyo said afterwards, military service and plan in Lee.

Rain “About the second half of next year will be enlisted into active duty”He said, “But dancing is not my weight I will think anuing holiday. It would be a good time to look back behind”He preached.

The rain is coming in 31 days at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, 2010 Robert Capa plans Weed Lane Concert.

It should not have too much never a good workout..

The ratio of body muscle age 40 Disgrace really shocked.

Artists Iranian occupation seems never good job, not.

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