Seo Hyo-rim pictorial beauty Seo Hyo-rim shoulder? Seo Hyo-rim immaculate thighs Pictorial

Seo Hyo-rim was crowned with a shoulder Beauty.
This document hyeorim Elle January showed a youthful appearance to the Precious hayoeun Station Sungkyunkwan Scandal” I have a photo shoot.
Seo Hyo-rim has been transformed into an alluring woman in front of the camera.

I'm showing a black costume and soksalyi intense immaculate image on a black background smooth and lean not seem to be a fixed gaze on the immaculate thighs.

Seo Hyo-rim's “It used to be featured are not well suited skirt or fine clothes, Hear a lot nowadays keen to say haejyeotdaneun women were lovable or mature”Said “A dream for me to learn. What it might seem to walk the road I do not know if I can fit 20 adults organize naegil It seems to Oman. As it seems to be overcome thirty women who will be more than forty”It was called.

Pictorial of the alluring charm Seo Hyo-rim can be seen in Elle met in January.

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