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Jujinhui jujinhui Park Match jujinhui Who?

Jujinhui jujinhui Park Match jujinhui Who?
Mr oxygen tank Park Jiseong Park Jiseong is Lee Sanghyeong as a father Park Seongjong has become a hot topic to mention the director Ju Jinhui.
Instead of Park Jiseong at a ceremony organized by the Football Association for the past 23 days, Mr. Park Seongjong “Player of the Year”As the Deputy Prime Minister “Night Wondering what the players liked the style”The question “Some women with the leaders minutes before the same style”Haetneundeyo say.

Women leaders who have received the award before me?

Park Jiseong Father Park Seongjong person who is pointed directly Songpa school director Ju Jinhui.

This event is called to stir Ju Jinhui Park is the ideal bishop and Mr. Park Jiseong's father smiled Park Seongjong “Only styles that will” Said spoke to stretch the boundaries.

But is not it Ju Jinhui director Those who marry ^^

I think that one is going past, Park Ji-Sung-style jeongseongyeong changed ㅎㅎ

Ju Jinhui football coach
belong : Seoul Songpa School girls soccer team (director)
Awards : 2010Choi Woosu year for the Football Association Leadership Award
career : Seoul Songpa School girls soccer team director

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