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I found The Da Vinci Code “Libraries in France.”

I found The Da Vinci Code “Libraries in France.”

The Leonardo da Vinci, a French public library in Nantes directly wrote the encrypted title statement “The Da Vinci Code” It has been found
 Bbc British Broadcasting has said the last 7 days.

The Da Vinci Code is a library in Nantes findings originate from the royal library Louis 11 years old, founded in 1480 famous as the oldest libraries in the world.

Nantes library is gonna find us dwaetdago story Le deugo ciphertext gotta mention that the history of the ciphertext in a biography of Leonardo da Vinci, the ciphertext(The Da Vinci Code)Pierre is the last in 1872 - was included in the angto Lang La Boucher document of about 5000 points by the wealthy collectors of donations is said that Le forgotten meantime charred.

The Da Vinci Code Da Vinci's trademark "Mirror letters’ (mirror-writing) It is written from right to left in a way and it has not yet to decipher.

Nantes Public Library curator of Agnes Marseille to-curator for The Da Vinci Code is ” The cipher seems written in the last 15th century Italian and other languages” He said.

Artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci 1452 ~ Lived until 1519 has also designed a prototype of a typical masterpiece Mona Lisa flight tools are housed in the Louvre Museum in France and with a similar rotary wing and the current Halley kopdeo can not imagine at the time that Leonardo da Vinci lived.

Meanwhile, when decrypted with the discovery of The Da Vinci Code, which I'm already wondering what information it is revealed from jilji.

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