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Kim Gura public advice and Radio Star hidden subtitles “Come on Shin Jeonghwan”

Said message advising the public broadcaster Shin Jeonghwan Kim Gura is being accused of hiding to gamble.
Kim Gura last 23Work mbc Chuseok Specialradio starSuper ShowsinFriend and a word to his brother hagetdamyeoSaid mcHaetneundeyo advice to the public Shin Jeonghwan are away

Age Kim Gura said, does not end until the end yet 30Mid and saying everything wrong because you wonak talents, saying that to get the thing be investigated and you need to show the true nature of the illness also heals the heart,2, My3We could enjoy a prime said, according to Shin Jeonghwan.

Netizens have made this a day broadcasting the reaction sincerely cares for the Shin Jeonghwan Kim Gura felt.

The Shin Jeonghwan last month 27One has been accused of betting to leave the Philippines has disappeared current status.

Shin Jeonghwan is not, try to think of the most wise decision, but that a sincere apology to viewers even returned as soon as possible and under investigation saw the broadcast of Kim Gura.

한편 이날 방송에서는 김구라의 충고 뿐만 아니라 자막으로 신정환에게 충고를 건넨 사실이 네티즌에 의해 밝혀졌는데요 라디오스타 숨은자막은 무엇일까요?

Neundeyo look together the first letter in the opening of the radio star 'Shin Jeonghwan Come on, I'm wondering what is really intended to create cement..

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