Home / 12Typhoon Malaga Castel impact Cheonggyecheon Seoul metropolitan area after another flood flood damage

12Typhoon Malaga Castel impact Cheonggyecheon Seoul metropolitan area after another flood flood damage

12Typhoon Malaga Castel impact Cheonggyecheon Seoul metropolitan area after another flood flood damage


The first day of the holidays 21PM metropolitan area, including Seoul, Incheon and could feel all the feeling of Thanksgiving.

The maximum hourly 100mmDown a rain of Seoul Cheonggyecheon flooding is occurring 1When Subway Line No. Does this stop operating Gwanghwamun has reminds the river.


subway 2As water flows into the afternoon Line Substituting the Red Zone Platform 2city 43Part-minute train had passed away emitter heartless not surge Hong assignment area, subway 4Seoul Subway Line ~ This bi-directional operation of the train was stopped in front of a shrine Station interval 1Line Oryu-dong Guro lifting the immersion station ~ Operated by Incheon Station 1The line was discontinued.


Not only this was the only. This one storm flood shut in the Cheonggyecheon inside the building was also one after another vehicle damage, such as immersion in water.

Due to the flooding Gwanghwamun Gwanghwamun dogmatic statements that the crisis was flooded road was reminiscent of a river.


Maximum hourly Incheon 80mmThe Lower House of gukjiseong while heavy rain 250Furniture is being flooded road 11The damage was such that after another change of control.


In addition, the home shopping channel CJO Shopping PM 6Since o'clock 2It generated a situation that hour broadcast is interrupted 4And that the sales of billion won loss. CJO Shopping was the maintenance room is flooded with a sudden flash floods broadcast outages caused disconnected electricity supply.


In addition, residents of the actor Jung Woo Sung car live in an apartment situation, remaining only the cars of Jung Woo Sung at the time of underground parking iteotneundeyo also darkened events to be submerged in the underground garage found the Jung Woo Sung take a picture posted on Twitter Jung Woo Sung was being taken in Japan at the time, domestic Manor me that the contact has moved the vehicle to a safe place. Since Jung Woo Sung's former haetneundeyo a thank you message to the car of a neighbor Jung Woo Sung times become flooded 2It has about one hundred million won that.


Doeneundeyo look at the satellite images to understand the Korean Peninsula torrential rain fell today,.

Today is heavy rain fell dwaetgo narrow strong stationary front between the North Pacific anticyclone formed in a cold continental anticyclone and southern peninsula offshore development in Mongolia 21In the afternoon Guam North Sea12No. As the tropical cyclone development of the storm Do Castilla is a situation where not to go down the North Pacific anticyclone to the south more. A stationary front across the cold high-pressure systems and tropical cyclones in the south of the top of it by meeting the gukjiseong rains fell in the central province.

The ratio of current time is known to have more than 1,800 households suffered flood damage, and, Damage households appear to increase further.


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