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Oh Ji-eun, Ji Chang-wook 'Smile Again’ As a hero

Oh Ji-eun is kbs New Drama Smile AgainIt was the hero of the win over.

Oh Ji-eun is kbs Drama Three BrothersAt least the youngest Kim(Lee Junhyeok)Wife was given showed a selfish image of the modern woman is a strong pride in the coolest jewelry designers take the area well.


Smile Again

this time Smile AgainThe hotel Jurys corvee bimodal sent a tough tough little section in the custody of his father bounced backward play Southern hero of the East(Ji Chang-wook)And that will form a love line.

Oh Ji-eun is one if that money in LA have the same smile I'd boyeojundago the one people look like ghosts of money does not even heoturu What was the owner of a dime to the robust vitality, whether a story that gradually falls in love with the East met by chance in the play.

Smile Again

1981year 12month 30One born 165cm The slender Oh Ji-eun is the last 2006year sbs Movie debuted in poor families Parallel Life’, ‘scream’, ‘Perel Marla Life’, ‘Great day’, ‘Twins’, ‘Worst Man of endogenousAnd drama Three Brothers’, mbc ‘DiscreteAppearances, etc., and the last 2007In years of Big Mama Music Video betrayalEven a talented one appearance.


Smile Again


Last 6Be broadcast sbs ‘Strong of heartOh Ji-eun who appeared in the exhibit were opened without regret that caught the hidden arts for the first time to participate in the entertainment program after debut Three BrothersWhen a sexy chair dance in the fire boyeojuneunga collected directly from the stew Tio neundeyo captured the hearts of the men entered the performers to the entertainment program, Oh Ji-eun Smile AgainAlso expects a good look.

Smile Again

The movie familiarize yourself with Donghae Station changuk came to a Korean-American for me but for my girlfriend Korea being betrayed my girlfriend pointed out the East was the ability to walk with a little less mom is first notified of the father accidentally unaware whilst in the process again the shops that create a different love and family.

Smile Again

Ji Chang-wook last year KBS 2TV Weekend pole The Sons of Sol Pharmacy HouseThe youngest son appeared in movies and breezy StationDead’:Second storyAnd drama heroHaetneundeyo appeared like protagonist in charge of cases this is the first time.

"Smile Again’ The new KBS-1TV daily drama <A Good Day For The Wind To Blow> Subsequent to October is the 4th premiere.

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