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4Billion will disclose luxury ladies Transcript. Where is the truth?

4Billion will disclose luxury ladies Transcript. Where is the truth?

cable TV It became famous enough to once appeared on TV no strangers in the Republic of Korea “4Luxury Ladies billionThe Internet every day with her TV appearances has a garage full of her articles.

One outsource production manufactured the program is responsible for the current problemsPDAnd writers do not respond to interview.
Also Mnet The only position that can show they are unfair “4Luxury Ladies billion gimgyeongah who will have everything in the script, I insist that there is no wrong

In the different claims between Mnet and gimgyeongah Mr.

In Mnet Dictionary 2~3The interviews were conducted in turn've been claims that there was a pre-interview while gimgyeongah's side claimed eopeotdago voluntarily participating in forced or exaggerated to the crew heard only the liaison program concept describes the operation scenario

Mr. gimgyeongah is 20I have all the respect in the minutes before the program concept andAknyeoyi RigiA little after the interview appeared Liaison come, but argued that this time is not sent to me and the cameraDip into these different conceptsSaying that he ordered the video for footage of broadcast content 80%Has argued that exaggerated stories. In addition, her necklace 4,000When I called ten thousand won writersRaising the price a little doegetneInnovation 2Flipped to one hundred million wonThere are billions of home ve never one so he figured the press releaseHe said.

Even if all of gimgyeongah's claims fly into the fact that one part lies in the way she was watching TV the whole nation will not be able to avoid responsibility

We made it to outsource production that made the whole nation watching content that is not properly verified also broadcast MnetMistakes will also not be forgiven.

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