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sbs news expose 100 million won damages lawsuit is a natural result.

sbs news expose 100 million won damages lawsuit is a natural result.

Although still a lingering heat wave in the summer and feel the wind sometimes blows coming fall.
The heat of the summer is really awful ensued.. In the news every day to cool the heat of summer to show a lot of video to enjoy a vacation week eotneundeyo.
The last in the 7 May 31, sbs 8 News "Beach phosphate due" is playing in the water while trying to press the scenery of the beach while trying to report the news and one female breasts are exposed that that was at the center in the debate sbs problem areas It has been removed and there was a real clarification on the process of identifying the broadcast screen knn.

Heroine Kim exposure image problem "sbs is the editorial and the like which allows to learn the identity closeup exposure Scene, It said was causing damage to the fruit, CJ Media, which operates a cable TV tvN also export the SBS News screen with irrelevant claim that stimulate sexuality and filed a lawsuit to claim the 100 million won damages against the SBS and CJ Media.
The ride to the involuntary broadcast of Kim will take contact with the acute stress, such as that of the Internet for malicious daet articles and bystanders received psychiatric treatment.

In a recent broadcast only exposed this one's not the last on September 4 MBC women in miniskirts in underwear bleachers of Infinite Challenge Wrestling pieces broadcasting exposed was awarded a hot criticized on the broadcast editing the last 26 days SBS 8 News In News related to the sexual assault of a reportage close-up of a female mini skirt was an expression of condemnation of "the rape and miniskirts geonya that regard.".

But if it is to provide fresh news and information written a little nervous in broadcast editing I'd think things like that can be sufficiently prevented if the edit now, and if the broadcast seemed a second, continue to be the causes of the damage suit 3.

lover,Alternatively, you lied to your parents and your friends go out to play cautious when people do not know where to skim stamped on Broadcasting.


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