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“Mc Mong draft evasion as booked without detention” I should apologize to the fans.

“Mc Mong draft evasion as booked without detention” I should apologize to the fans.

Last 10 mbc News desk reported that the singer mc Mong past seven years, a whopping seven times deliberately postpone military service.

Singer mc mongeun the past, saying the dog tooth 12, 2007 was a military corruption allegations punctuated later received a decision tooth exempt the prosecution, the marketing went said that last month summoned Mc Mong last received 1,998 active decision in August first grade year was an all even teeth during jeongsangyi do. Since he evaded military service for these and other reasons haneungunyo seven years there was no reason to have hit the seventh grade civil service examination. Can I test for the end of Kofi sloppy studying in a library with articles on what time you work as an actor…If hair is awful, but good…

That for one reason or another I got a military service exemption that two euros last twelve teeth in 2007 while trying to evade military service..

In response mc mongeun twice enlistment in the smoke, and did not know police were called in hangeotyi claims that the agency has the usual teeth due to tooth decay is poor.

Meanwhile, the police have no plans to summon add Mc Mong has said it plans to soon booked without detention.

In the broadcast power is mighty.

Introduced in broadcast mode first love Find out the site only skater in the broadcast and site down to nandwi colossal traffic, The food at home is introduced to produce a hit TV because he Restaurants.

This power of broadcasting has a tremendous power in our lives can not imagine. In this broadcast saengni pull the troops that all men go eventually if the Republic of Korea to postpone or seven times that figure appeared to openly broadcast batgodo exempt from military service…Looking at the camera, I'd just ask that you did not think he was ashamed..

Mc Mong has not yet Myspace are inundated with paper fans to encourage the Mc Mong. Everything is revealed in this moment “I believe my brother”, “I believe the end” I'm up for that article geotingayo how to compensate for the heart of this fan?

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