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Foreign Minister Ryu Myeonghwan daughter really doubt that preferential rulings

Foreign Minister Ryu Myeonghwan daughter preferential allegations
Truly ruling

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ryu Myeonghwan allegations daughter received preferential treatment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs specialized contract special recruitment process was indeed confirmed.

6Special thanks to the work conducted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security “Point seriously undermined the fairness and transparency are recognized throughout the test management across various contexts such as judging the evidence staring requirements and test procedures” Said the.

This is a sulfur dwaetdaneun is plainly boost progress increased to pass the daughter of Minister Ryu Myeonghwan captured.

After the HR manager can not be tested by the Committee members pledged know that the daughter of the minister attended by documents and interview committee.. The chief supposed to appoint the members, but the test turned out to be the fact that HR managers arbitrarily determined without an internal settlement. Haetneundeyo internal committee in the interview process of losing objectivity exercised undue influence external members, but three of them share a higher score to 2 sunwija was an internal committee, two said high score close to out of a daughter of the minister.
In addition to the internal audit committee meetings when “It requires real work experience”It said in an interview undermined the objectivity and fairness.

If you're in the Qualification range is expanding the range of possible eligible to take this time or four times during the war had reduced the eligibility scope, unlike the last time in June 2009, the concession TOEFL requirements for language, Although the TEPS as preferential treatment requirements were limited to this case TEPS. While starting the FTA usually associated personnel dealing with conflict and exclusion beopjeop highly qualified lawyers work-related, All conditions, such as adding two years of experience will be tailored after the Masters on the basis of the Minister Ryu Myeonghwan daughter.

In the case of application submission was also received by the end the test after 10 to 15 days announcements on July 16 after a re-announcement 26 days last August 11 even though it is common to end this concession has to fit within the criteria of the daughter of yujanggwan. This daughter of yujanggwan July 20, 8Because the May 10, twice TEPS score of 10 August came out scores 50 points higher.

Initially July 1, the document screening during the announcement of the candidates' English Editor’ I did not recognize the career, When re-announcement 'translators” It has been recognized in the selection criteria, such as passing the handle career had gone.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security said that the confirmation work to clarify whether such preferential treatment in the hiring process about seven people other diplomats said their children severely mutgetda responsibility in accordance with laws and regulations for personnel managers.

GNP Hong Jeonguk Rep. E. said last refrain with 22 people of nine current or former over jangchagwan and tertiary senior starters in Part 2 Test of Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs announced until 2003. From 1997 also high-ranking diplomats from their children more than 30 people are working in the Foreign Ministry until now, or balhimyeo dwaetdago who worked that aggregation “If your child diplomat with expertise and language capabilities else needs to be reverse discrimination. However, the entire personnel selection 40% The longer the children of high-ranking officials are part unacceptable hardly accept the national sentiment” He said.

Spokesman of the Democratic yigyu “Without significant preference it will be given in the selection process so mu bizarre phenomenon going on in Riga to be adopted” It was called.

Did. Yujanggwan daughter if you fairly pass the exam would I quit thinking so easily janggwansik…
Do you still ashamed to worries that the book in the reading room and gosiwon students..
No way to stop this minute ministers leave the country Does the pension?

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