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Artists overseas volunteer controversy “A very actress you.” Artists who volunteer?

Artists overseas volunteer controversy “A very actress you.”
Artists who volunteer?

The controversy centered on celebrities to serve overseas countries A great actress disgrace line.
Mesmerizing Come to think every day's information, click on this and reports on celebrities to serve overseas controversy that it may indeed be so..

Is not the fact haneungeo must disclose whether such a person who is?

Gateumyeon overseas Corps volunteer and come deonga properly….

Earlier this year, the was suggested sleeping Dano volunteer in 6 days and 4 nights schedules in a small town famous photographer Mr. B Voluntary appearance in Central Asia with international relief organizations to actress A's problems in a magazine of the country to the camera I'd have expected to hold Mr. a was a time that was ahead of the drama has accepted the proposed outreach magazines that month “Share food with your children eat or nwitda these and ahpum” That would put the article substrate..

According to officials at the time of the field “Mr. A manager, Stylist, make up, It has been better to take three people, including representatives Hair Business Class aircraft does not come out in a hotel room except the schedule table, Food was eaten separately in place imported from Korea, Haneungunyo that last day, nine have sushi.

In addition, instant foods children need to lay the first taste of directing a scene, you eat with the children was only pretending seoleo Sanya one person to smoke in places where, along with the children at the scene “I want to smoke, go to'm sorry hope you people are invisible”You say that. After returning to action is even more spectacle. After returning home, Mr. A is haneungunyo nagatdago out of the airport does not have to group officials say..

Meanwhile, sweating in the broadcast tears while suffering seen a lot of celebrities who volunteer.
But it was not aware at this time that rangeol doeeotneyo all..

Of course, that'd be one Loach made the mud, but malmot is not a person like Mr. Actress A..

Remember, you are not a celebrity combs If you are not a fan -

Meanwhile, I'd find that looking at Mr. A netizen Actress CSI soon as I want to get to know who the hell…

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