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Flash problem in galaxy s Andrade v2.1

Flash problem in galaxy s Andrade v2.1

Working in the IT industry is still eopnya smartphone…
And friends had said kaenyu cellphone own good use previously used had no inconvenience..
But think about smartphones fell was always screaming to eat of drink. Then sul sul;;

I heard blah blah friends are using this method difficult, I went many times I turn it on by pressing both haebeo MasterCard ㅋㅋ

Introduction is too long….

Use the galaxy s most watched them first access to the Internet.. But I do not see the company website in flash. Ugh ;;; this….

It referred to download a Flash Player.. Opting came into the Adobe Android 2.1 should not download the English message is s ... So eojjeoran Galaxy did not come yet, Android 2.2 version..

But it is very strange problem Naver main screen flash is normally emerges..

So I think you heard the cry Myspace're a problem isnt andoejiman sul sul;; Come to check Naver main source flash player version value =”″ 9It was a version. But the cry Myspace value =”″ Is not the ilke itneunge Huck;;

So the player version value =”″ It looks good in the galaxy s screen changes as the version and Nani ㅎㅎㅎ

With the Android 2.2 does not come into Flash homepage now we are going to have to work with version 9

If you are interested, please refer Have those who work Myspace ㅎㅎ

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