Kim Yoo-jung's 23rd birthday donated 30 million won

Kim Yoo-jung 30 million won in support for children at risk of crime victims

Actress Kim Yoo-jung, on her 23rd birthday, donated 30 million won to practice warm sharing..

The Green Umbrella Foundation “Kim Yoo-jung donated 30 million won to support children at risk of crime victims”said.

Kim Yoo-jung's donation A living expenses for children at risk of crime victims to recover their health and grow up bright, medical expenses, and is to be used as a long gold subsidy for housing expenses..

Kim Yoo-jung is a donation angel who has consistently donated over the years.

He is a member of the Green Noble Club, a group of major donors over 100 million won of the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation..

Green Umbrella Children's Foundation “I am grateful to Kim Yoo-jung, who participated in sharing with good intentions at a time when the livelihoods of children who have been victims of crimes due to COVID-19 are getting more difficult.”saying “We will work with the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation so that children at risk of crime victims can return to their daily lives.”said.

Kim Yoo-jeong received a big gift from her fans on her 23rd birthday.

Kim Yoo-jung's fans received a lot of flowers and gifts along with an advertisement for Kim Yoo-jung's birthday on the subway billboard.

On the 29th, Kim Yoo-jung also authenticated the gift she received from fans on her Instagram story..

Next to the subway billboard, Kim Yoo-jung personally certifies, as well as a picture of a table full of flowers and cakes. “thank you and i love you”He posted a picture of him smiling broadly..

Kim Yoo-jung is currently starring in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'Hongcheongi'.

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