Song Hye-kyo Long-Term SBS Gold-Plated Drama ‘I'm Breaking Up Now’

11Expected to be the first broadcast on the 12th of the month, the greatest chemistry ever

Song Hye-kyo Long-term Yong-yong is breaking up with SBS's new gold-plated drama ‘,which will showcase the greatest kemi ever.’ it becomes the topic.

On March 30, Song Hye-kyo released a photo taken with Long-term Yong along with the post on his social media #지금 Heigi..

The released photo was taken at the script reading site of Song Hye-kyo Long-Yong (#8216;I'm Not #8217) and both of them are wearing masks and holding scripts..

Song Hye-kyo Long-Yong is said to have presented the perfect kemi for the 11-year-old age difference in the script reading..

It is the work of Jane, who wrote JTBC #8216's gold-plated drama "Misty’", and Director Gil Bok, who produced SBS's walnut drama #8216;Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 2’.

Song Hye-kyo in drama, Long-term use, Choi Hee-seo, It is a dragro emotional melodrama genre that tells the story of love and parting of four main characters such as Kim Joo-an..

Meanwhile, SBS's new gold-plated drama "#8216"I'm Breaking Up Now", starring Song Hye-kyo #8217 long-term #8216;Wonder Woman’ It will be broadcast for the first time on November 12th, and it is a sweet, woven, spicy, and written parting actuary work that reads parting and love..

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