Jessica Bran & Éclair 8 billion lawsuits happen?

Filing a complaint with the Hong Kong High Court default

Fashion Blanc & Éclair founded by singer Jessica embroiled in court case.

According to local Media in Hong Kong, Blanc & Éclair, founded by Jessica, did not pay off the $6.8 million U.S. dollar debt of about KRW 8.05 billion, according to local Media in Hong Kong, zoe king enterprise(Joy King Enterprises)on 24 July, the Hong Kong High Court reported that it had received a complaint..

Blanc & Éclair is a fashion brand founded in August 2014 after Jessica left the girlhood, and is played by Jessica's boyfriend, Korean-American businessman Tyler Kwon..

According to local reports, Blanc & Éclair made two trips in October 2016 and May 2017.(Spectra) SPC borrowed about 3 million U.S. dollars and 1 million U.S. dollars about 1.18 billion won.

In August, when Zoe King Enterprise failed to pay back the repayment date scheduled for the last 10 days after Spectra SPC signed a loan transfer agreement, Joy King Enterprise filed a lawsuit against Blanc & Éclair representative Tyler Rights, asking him to repay the principal and interest..

Blanc & Éclair started with sunglasses and grew into a fashion brand.

Currently, based on the Blanc & Éclair website,, Taiwan, We have 16 stores in Canada.

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