The reason why Song Ji-in did not reveal the married woman of the second year of marriage

Lee Tae-gon's cheating woman Song Ji-in has been married for 2 years

Song Ji-in, who captured Itaegon's heart in her marriage lyrics and divorce compositions, revealed that she was a married woman in her second year of marriage.

3The video star, which airs on Sunday, features Song Ji-in, a hot actor with an Italian affair girl title..

Song Ji-in talks about the secrets that captured Itaegon's heart “Eating apples without making a sound”I said,

He said the class had been practicing for three months to eat apples without making any real noise..

Song Ji-in also surprised everyone by confiding that she was a married woman in her second year of marriage.

Song Ji-in said that he didn't intend to hide it, but that he didn't have a chance to tell him there was no one asking..

#8216"Lodge Song"(Marriages) Even at the time of the shooting, my fellow actors were unaware of their marriage., Her mother-in-law revealed that she was married due to a coffee tea she had sent..

Song Ji-in also expressed his admiration for the actor Song Kang.

“I'm going to play a tree role to meet Song Kang.”I said, "I'm going to give you a laugh.".

Song Ji-in was born in 1984 and is 36 years old this year.

After graduating from Korean, I worked part-time under the sbs Animal Farm Writers' Staff..

Then, because my salary wasn't deposited, I went to protest to the PD, and then “A woman college student speaking imposingly” He says he's been offered a character.

Girl Group ‘Davich’ Love and War’ I appeared in a music video and closed my foot in the entertainment industry..

Since #8216 70’, ‘Incognito’, ‘Savior 2’, ‘#8217;, ‘Intugi’, ‘Human Addiction#8217;, ‘Ensemble’, ‘Double Patty’ drama #8216;returned journal" #8217;, ‘Love is one #8217;, ‘Living in Cheongdam-dong#8217;, ‘God of work#8217;, ‘Healer#8217;, ‘Gyluck’, ‘Vampire Detective’, ‘JoRdleho, neighborhood attorney, #8217;, ‘Queen of the 7th #8217;, ‘Hatch’ I appeared on the back and now I am #8216;I am an affair girl of Itagon in marriage lyrics divorce composition ‘ #8217;Ami’ I'm starring in the station..

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