Vitamin A deficiency symptoms and good food

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A common symptom of vitamin A deficiency is night blindness.

If you're hard to see ahead in the dark, you should be the first to suspect vitamin A deficiency..

If you go to a bright place and suddenly go to a dark place, you will see nothing at first, and then you will be able to see it gradually in front of you in a little time, which is called "cancer response", The cancer response process requires an ingredient called 'rodsin' that responds to light, and the ingredient of 'rodsin' is vitamin A..

Vitamin A

Vitamin A in our bodies helps us maintain normal vision.

It helps keep the skin and mucous membranes, the primary barriers of our bodies, healthy and prevents the saliva of external debris..

It plays a role in the normal division and growth of cells..

Fetal heart in mother's stomach, lungs, Vitamin A is a must-have for limb formation and growth..

Vitamin A is needed for our body to function normally in the immune system that fights external foreign objects, which also affects the process of using iron from our body to make red blood cells..

If you run out of vitamin A,?

Lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness that is not visible in front of you because your eyes are not adapted to dark places.

The conjunctiva or cornea dries,, Ulcers and necrosis..

Vitamin A is also essential to keep your skin healthy.

Lack of vitamin A can cause keratin in the skin and skin diseases.

In addition, a lack of vitamin A in children slows growth, which can lead to iron deficiency anemia., If a pregnant woman lacks vitamin A, there is a problem with the development of the fetus and there is a risk of premature birth..

This is a vitamin A that is essential to our body, but if you take it excessively, you'll have problems.

Nausea when too much vitamin A is taken suddenly, headache, Dizziness can adversely affect the liver or bones in the long run., Excessive consumption of vitamin A by pregnant women can cause deformities in the fetus.

To prevent vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A is fat-soluble, so eating foods rich in beta-carotene together can increase absorption.

Koreans have a higher rate of supplementing vitamin A through plants than westerns., Cooking to increase absorption helps prevent vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A Many Foods

Vitamin A is an animal's liver or dairy, fish, It's rich in foods like eggs.

Green leafy vegetables, Yellow and orange fruits(Papayas and oranges, etc.), Carrot, Yellow vegetables(Pumpkins, etc.)can also replenish vitamin A through.

These vegetables contain a lot of beta-carotene., This beta-carotene enters our bodies and turns into vitamin A, and the remaining beta-carotene is stored in aspiration or the stomach..

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