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President Roh Moo-hyun on Korea-Japan relations special damhwamun 2006.04.25

Dokdo is a land that we respect people.
The history of the earth through us, not just 40 years is the land of the clearly written history.
Dokdo, the Korean Peninsula, Japan was byeongtal chimtal gajangmeonjeo Our land is in the process.
Japan, for the purpose of transferring reoiljeonjaeng performed during the war, and the lands occupied.
Japan’s imperialism in Korea reoiljeonjaeng to secure its control over the Korean peninsula war is causing.
Our land under the pretext of Japan in the reoiljeonjaeng to land the army has taken over the Korean peninsula.
To mobilize the troops surrounded the palace and the royal family and the government threatened to force the Japanese signed the Protocol, and to expropriate the land and people to the heart of the military facilities have been installed for you.
Part of our homeland, and later in conducting unilateral military administration oegyogwon jaejeonggwon and trample on the sovereignty of the finish was stripped.
Japan in the midst of all this, and incorporated Dokdo as its territory, watchtowers, and the cables used in the war that is the theory.
And keep on the Korean Peninsula, while the military occupation and colonial domination and sovereignty, has been revoked.
Now that Japan’s claim to Dokdo, the imperialism, the rights of the occupied territory by war, further that the past is the colonial land rights.
This is the complete liberation and independence of Korea is the act of cheating.
Also, did the Japanese invasion and massacre, 40-year sutal and torture, imprisonment, forced drafting, and even women were mobilized in the history of the crime that the right to conduct.
We never can not afford it.
The recovery of full sovereignty to our people, Dokdo is a symbol.
Visits to the Yasukuni shrine, history textbooks, Japan for the past history of problems with recognition, and the future of the Korea-Japan relations and Japan’s commitment for peace in East Asia and is the touchstone to measure.
Japan, U.S. history, and therefore wrong to claim based on the one, never a friendly relationship between Korea and Japan can not stand it.
Japan to stick to these issues, the peace of the East Asia between Japan and Korea about Japan’s future and what the investigation will not believe it.
Some economic interests and cultural exchange will not nokyijineun the wall.
Japan’s exclusive economic zone boundary between hoekjeong still can not be.
Dokdo, which Japan claims his territory, and insist on it, because the islets to the starting point.
Exclusive economic zone the ocean, the Sea of Japan name is associated with the problem.
The agreement are not exclusive of the boundary waters, and Japan preoccupy our waters, and improperly named in the ocean, trying to fix it, so it is our right.
Therefore, in Japan the East Sea, named for the ocean, do not give an unfair claim exclusive economic zone and on a more mirulsu also became an issue, but the issue of Dokdo can no longer manage a quiet response is an issue.
Dokdo dispute concerns the intention of Japan to backfire after the opinion is not, but simply a small island, Dokdo for us is not the problem of youngyugwon wrong in the relationship with Japan, and a complete liquidation of history to establish the symbol of sovereignty is an issue.
Is proudly to have to deal with publicly.
Fellow citizens, we will respond to the government over the Dokdo issue will be reviewed.
Dokdo issue, Japan’s history textbooks, the Yasukuni Shrine issue, China and Japan, and the liquidation of the history of history, the history of jajudokrip dimension of sovereignty, the patron will be dealt with was in the front.
About the physical provocation will bring a powerful and determined response.
World public opinion to the people of Japan and Japan gobalhae will constantly unfair treatment.
Until the Japanese government to right a wrong, I mobilized all resources to a national competency and the diplomatic effort by the enemy will continue. I will also do all the work required.
The cost any money and never give up or an issue is non-negotiable.
I insult the history of our country and pride of Koreans, the Japanese government to hinder the conduct of a series of universal recognition of the Japanese people and is based on the expectation has not.
Friendly relations between Korea and Japan, further action that could compromise the peace of the East Asia never work right, and it is not beneficial to Japan and Japanese people because they know.
To refrain from emotional reactions, and we need to address why the cold is here to stay.
Japan is the people and leaders will Guys.
We no longer demand an apology is not new.
To meet repeatedly apologized already done is to ask for action.
U.S. history, or to justify wrong actions are an insult to South Korea’s sovereignty and national pride will be asked to stop action.
Require special treatment in Korea, but universal values and standards of the international community to act is right.
History of the truth and the conscience of human society will want to get in front of the honest and humility.
About Japan’s neighboring countries, further based on the international community to act, when biroseo appropriate to the size of Japan’s mature economy, a country that, further to a leadership role in the international community in the country will stand .
Ladies and gentlemen,
We in the colonies, despite the painful history of Japan in order to write a new history of friendship and good-neighbor was constantly noryeokhaewat.
Of both democracy and market economy-oriented in a common reciprocity and equality, peace and prosperity, came forward toward the goal also was made of a big relationship.
Now the two countries and a common goal-oriented permanent continuing to strive for more.
Peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia beyond the bilateral relationship, with further contribute to peace and prosperity of the world must be.
To do this, the correct recognition of history and the liquidation, the trust, mutual respect of sovereignty is important.
Of Japan’s imperialist aggression to stand out boldly from the dark past.
The 21st century, peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia, Japan and the world towards peace are expecting the decision.
Thank you.

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