Win police attendance and YG document shredding

Studded birthday party wins 600 million won in Philippines

YG Document shredding is a regular document shredding

Known fact that YG Entertainment sang the dawn on the 28th demolition order has become a controversial claim.

Foreign investors Province hosting, Amid being investigated in attendance on the 27th night, the police, etc. Burning Sun drug dosage allegations made catapult the YG document shredding

Even though YG documents shredded documents shredded in a typical enterprise and that meet As controversial and tricky time.

YG document shredding

According to Chosun Ilbo, enter this in the 28th minute 35 6:00 a.m. document shredding company YG Entertainment building two box cars over a period of about two hours, Trunk of the vehicle, such as the dozens of Sligo has said she left.

The document shredding truck she left I'd like to Goyang, Gyeonggi

In Goyang documents, This is where the factory that specializes in crushing the computer, etc..


In the center of the club Burning Sun controversial and entertaining Castle, Between the Department under the suspicion of such drug dosage singer to attend the police received a wake survey, Call pahwae company became known that the munpum request crushing Are not want to destroy the evidence of the accused may think.

The side for YG has said he "was a monthly or regular document shredding operations conducted on a quarterly basis.".

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Wide Warrants is preached that "how could you know that the document shredding YG", saying "there is no justification to stop the demolition work on the document was not found a direct relationship between the burning Sun YG events and conditions.".


Wins 600 million birthday party and VIP guests invited guest 150 people

Burning Sun violence'm getting are dumped after numerous allegations

28In one dispatch are shocked to win 600 million reported for the birthday party alone.

If you win a birthday party organize information neundeyo said that the luxury birthday party in December 2017 to borrow the entire Palawan Island Philippines two days, about 600 million won


According to the dispatch victory has revealed starts falling considerably nerves, such as putting together an overall plan of classification birthday party for VIP guests and guests about 150 people with Burning Sun Lee, Moon - Ho representative.

Especially Gangnam Room sangrong staff attended the birthday party wins, "We went only 10 people," he said represented to us that "there were tenpeuro sister.".


The victory in the last 27 days 21:00 to voluntarily attend the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency urine, With hair collected under investigation of eight hours was returning home after an investigation 5:00 AM 28 days 15:30.


Victory in this day investigation was known to have an intensive investigation into several controversies surfaced at the time was serving as Director burning sun as well as the castle hosting and administering drugs allegations.


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