Ryujihye ex-boyfriend Lee, Young - Ho child abortion confession

I know it's illegal and it was inevitable choice for Lee, Young - Ho dreams.

Racing models that ryujihye abortion child ex-boyfriend Lee, Young - Ho;, It was a shocking confession.

Ryujihye the 19th appeared on African TV BJ namsun public broadcasting haetneundeyo abortion facts

Ryujihye "I can never have an abortion in the broadcast, "Innovation has released the real name of the former pro-gamer because Lee Young - Ho Lee, Young - Ho;.

Ryujihye Lee, Young - Ho;

Among non-abortion is a legitimate medical practice, Ryujihye while pointing to the real name of Lee, Young - Ho This information would put the controversy quickly

This remark ryujihye By the controversial ex-boyfriend Lee, Young - Ho through instant live broadcast, I set out to unravel.

Ryujihye Lee, Young - Ho;

Lee, Young - Ho; "The right thing met 8 years ago. Ryujihye is clear that one day a child came hadeora. I have not before there was the end. I do not know the real map. Nothing was talking to me, "said preached the position that correct, but ryujihye and dated his gun did not for abortion.

Ryujihye Lee, Young - Ho;

Followed by "I do not know why that keep me mention, If you do not neundeyo will sue Apple said the hard-line stance of "

The hard-line response of Lee Young - Ho To Be ryujihye is back "by suing the live broadcast. Lee, Young - Ho is also known. Yong Ho said he was illegal, but also could not help've been dreaming. ".

Ryujihye Lee, Young - Ho;
As a lead up to ryujihye bomb Lee, Young - Ho explain the names of the two people I'm Flip balkak online olrimyeo a name for the portal site in real time searches

Time to confess an abortion ryujihye As is known to have been drunk, Which appeared in the drunk ryujihye, It can also get pointed in the wrong BJ namsun.

Ryujihye Lee, Young - Ho;

Ryujihye is through competition 80 1 2008 at the age of nineteen, It appointed the youngest racing model would put, After retiring in 2016 racing model, Currently, the activities of the African TV BJ.

Lee, Young - Ho in 2007, He joined the KTF mejiken haetneundeyo's activities in StarCraft professional gamers.

2008The youngest person in the league in Bacchus Star League at 15 years old, Sewoomyeo a winning record received attention.

Ryujihye Lee, Young - Ho;

But in 2015 and retired as a sexually sluggish and wrist injuries he is currently working as a YouTube Creator.

Meanwhile, I'm giving a surprise ryujihye is revealed casually past the abortion time it was racing model

Do not hesitate to confess that abortion is illegal indeda its public face in our country is known to be a subject of controversy.


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