Madat parents agree, we agree to vary the children’

"Thousand Bikini Body modification?

This fact has been confirmed mayikeurodat parents agreed with some of the victims.

13One Chungbuk Jecheon neundeyo Police said that the victim and submit this form some consensus over the legal representative

Be fraud victims agreed with the settlement did not disclose the size, etc. 'victims’ It seems to me that some of the victims and agreed yirwojin.

Madat parents agreed

Madat victims and parents agreed, but, The exact date of return has not been determined and the investigation schedule.

Try consensus prevailed madat parents already know through the media last month

Madat parents agreed

A victim at the time of Mr. “Many relatives of madat age, The damage amount is coordinating the reimbursement only for some people and less principal”Yet he said neundeyo “Damage is great person and will not even touch. I did not hear”He also delivered a wavelength that raise.

마닷 부모 합의 과정에서 국내 전화로

Madat parents would put with domestic phone numbers from this consensus process also captures context attempted to contact with the victim

According to the press the call came from the last 11 days the parents madat “I was wrong. I dont agree for their children”Said that consensus gonna try But I dialed the phone number said was a phone number starting with the area code of 031, Gyeonggi.

Madat parents agreed

Also, incoming calls to another number, I'd victim was a number Busan

The call came in the last nine days from madat parents “Children are not without sin annya”I tried saying the agreement at the time that the incoming call preached was a number starting with the area code 051 Busan.

Madat parents agreed

In that phone call to the victim, a call placed to a different area code, respectively Looks that madat parents steal numbers

Avoid victims of international calls will be dialed via the estimated number of domestic.

Madat parents agreed

The haetneundeyo the aekkuteun victims caused by theft of phone numbers madat parents

031 The owner of the numbers that begin with numbers was known to have suffered as anthelmintic businesses in Gyeonggi 11 days after the madat parent phone call asking them relevant.



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