As Instagram heojiung of chemotherapy Recent Recent

I wish hasigil safely complete recovery.

Battling blood cancer, it has recently preached this Recent heojiung with Instagram.

Heojiung the last 10 days “Way to go back to cancer hospital”Haetneundeyo said the public a picture of the view that the mask

Heojiung is “Vertigo is good, thanks to you.”Preached that started back in the house said gently exercise careful.


Following “I have read all of the stories sent giving. I have lived a good enough life to hear this story, Advisory and raised ashamed. Only one kind was also planted in the mind without pressing ppaenotji. thank you. I'll win. Best wishes for a Happy New Year”He preached.


Heojiung is haetneundeyo ago received a kind of diagnosis of malignant lymphoma blood cancer directly via Instagram December last year,


Although some swelling and lethargy copperhead was also able to win the post would leave a bottle mothaetdamyeo not think micheo sign of a big bottle.


The last article informing the public heojiung lymphoma is a photograph I think I see the photos recently released is missing a lot of swelling in the face,

He mask, but I can barely tolerate chemotherapy better beginning to think seems to return to the old faces and wish to revert back to a healthy state.



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