IU 03 new city Gwacheon dumping allegations Online gaproneulbak

23Billion for capital appreciation unfounded, GTX land routes lanky

Government economic Namyangju, Henan, Gwacheon, Subjected housing 122,000 such households in Incheon decided to create the 03 new cities 4 places.

In addition, when three new cities are neundeyo said he would address the chronic traffic problems through a new city GTX A ~ C

3Nearby land in accordance with the GTX chujeon group released a new city, you climb leap jump.

IU dumping

In this context the article that the IU is an unexpected windfall would put today's news

GTX-A, B, The rising price of land in area C would IU posts a name.

IU dumping

IU was stating that last January Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province spent 4.6 billion won in gwacheondong I bought the building and the land the building and land of 23 billion won higher than the current market price at the time of sale as much as 6.9 billion won.

IU dumping

The 'IU dumping’ The advent of real-time queries that I gaproneulbak hot in online

IU's agency says there are even willing to sell, not to buy one IU is a speculative purpose.

IU dumping

According to IU's agency claimed that speculation in the property and land purchases has said that is not true, saying the current building has no plans to sell itdamyeonseo the laboratory of IU mother of offices and private studios and junior IU to IU supports.

IU dumping

Also “Capital appreciation is not found or has come” Innovation “Once the number of its 2.3 billion won is no fit information and not the area where the town itself that transactions”He preached.


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