Imjuri My Way singer married her husband confesses the Son alone, shocked single mother raising a story

I did not know the half and put your lipstick singer imjuri densely line with this story.

6My life documentary that aired Way singer has imjuri the indeyo will lay off all appeared with his son to marry his childhood and his debut as a singer


Imjuri singer's singer has gained immense popularity in OST 'Apply lipstick darker "drama" Mother of the Sea "starring actress Kim Hye-ja in 1993

Imjuri is an opportunity I'd made his debut as a singer was due to his father


Imjuri has stated that "when I was young I lived without knowing his father as soon as he left the tough world than you think" and "to make money dwaetgo childhood to sing, I was the best instrument is a geuil This was a singer.".


At the time I'd most popular singers hamjungah "naeja with a plate", while the song, saying imjuri sent a love call to receive a song that debuted to the best composer gimhuigap

Imjuri has even say "time sense gimhui two teachers created to give artists yieunha predecessors but gave no silence to listen to the song my song.".


However, due to significant opposition hasideon mother of the singer imjuri imjuri has worked as a faceless singer haetneundeyo



In those days imjuri attractive-American youth appeared to imjuri fell in love neundeyo retired the music industry and to the United States, but the knowledge of the fact that a married man being her husband separated imjuri has came back to Korea again taking the birth 22 days Son The.

But'm afraid I'm the law that a person dies

As at the time of the drama OST "Apply lipstick darker 'imjuri is doeneundeyo breath go up to the place of the star


It won both the popular charts and imjuri will meet the highest peak.

Neundeyo lipstick sales was also due to a surge in imjuri also bring this story gave a truck to imjuri lipstick cosmetics company.

The imjuri life Documentary My Way is the son of singer load(Air - Conditions)And look to climb on the stage with the public also doeneundeyo



When his son with a new nagging without rest to his son, but when I'm with stupid son of seonhubae we enjoyed appearance to promote the singer's son.

Following in the footsteps of mother and son imjuri the story of a singer to please his son bosigil night out in the documentary Life My Way.

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