Happy Together 4 Um Ki-joon, such as black holes tsundere attraction

엄기준 악역 제 옷 입은 듯한 느낌

The actor Um Ki-joon unveiled a strong passion for the villain.

6Um Ki-joon is broadcast in four days Happy Together, Yoo Jun-sang, Minyounggi, Kim Beop-rae has not appeared to be unstoppable and will bring a smile to a good friend Bomb Chemie pokrojeon such as glutinous rice cake.

Um Ki-joon

Um Ki-joon is in Happy Together “It seemed to have missed the drama after drama defendants”High-end haetneundeyo

Um Ki-joon, because the smoke is so strong villain character in the defendant seems that this story came ㅎㅎ

Um Ki-joon

Um Ki-joon is “Take God met ohyeonah kiss scene was jjikgido the right to kill”He said the defendant was also convey behind the shooting was thrilling time.

Um Ki-joon

therefore “The villain is the feeling of wearing my clothes. Neighborhood want to try weight lifting dumb or brushing”Haetneundeyo said after the island like a villain acting showcase has also surprised everyone.

Um Ki-joon

Um Ki-joon was also followed by questions 1 second followed by a talk like cider gatneundeyo island like a villain without hesitation, postponement of the MC 'kkukku kkakka’ Lovely demonstrated a fatal attraction.

Um Ki-joon

Tsundere is the charm of Um Ki-joon Yoo “True is new. I feel like a cider”I fell to sleep for Um Ki-joon.

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