Nam-gu, Incheon children attend nursery meals we ate this sort of thing

Snow report also incredible shock nursery catering Photos

The shocking photos have been published in the last 12 days is also incredible to see snow in the Internet community treasure Dream Free Board.

Indeyo right Nurseries catering Photos

That article has been removed from the board already confirmed You ran the article and publish this history in the media

I'd say a daycare center in Incheon District michuhol

Is not gonna eat then taken after the first picture, and I have a doubt

Hull - That was not.

Incheon Nurseries Feed

Nurseries feed photos in the photo is yieotneundeyo photos received before eating food distribution to children

It can not not be a shock.

According to the publisher “Her mother has to go home a little house work, he wont Dozer Hee. The kids look sick mind” Haetneundeyo claiming

Incheon Nurseries Feed

Following “When Dean is off 30% of the kids are going home and holding. This dish is too small, so take pictures, send pictures to see geuraetneunde were called out to quit now”I said that.

Having lived after the actual check in Ward I'd note that the amount made the correction order

14According to an American Hall of Incheon City Hall “Out on the day of field research photos posted to the community” Innovation “These results confirm the amount of cctv images related to feed the less very similar to the picture”I said that.

Also “Dean goes grab the ingredients 30%”He said he was not sure about that assertion. therefore “A Mr.(Informer)To that of his wife leave the house while working on that little is actually an employee leaves the company at the time posted this article” Innovation “Maybe it seems quit to take pictures in advance before placing”I said that.

God, how it is possibly understand how you can give your children like that dish andoeneyo

The enormous amount of at least jeokeunde'm Awkward That's it constant instruction

In that little house next president is “Planting the future will generously feed the primary transfer”That he had promised to target the parents.


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