'Kim Jong-min' and 'Hwang Mi-na' have a lump in their chest.

Y. hwangmina couple hasigil just love anyway -

Since Kim Jong Min hwangmina couples these days breasts kungdak kungdak. If that reality dating programs, but Y. hwangmina couple watching a long time seems to be the first to remind I loved the idea.

When I like the taste of love to say this was another way yiguna Y. hwangmina couple that shows love of two people will have a serious look that resonates Fak.

Y. hwangmina

If you are a male and female couple love the program appeared with mbc 'We Got Married' I have a representative

To view the broadcast "oooh and jeoreoda it's not really dating?"I thought the end of the evolution of the actual broadcast couples lover I do not have

The only forward Lee Si-young couple, but the real lovers got the break it for about a year

Y. hwangmina

The viewer's standpoint, the ipkkori go up when two people love to see the look clean, but only handeyo ahswipgi knowing what the broadcast is finished, going their separate ways

Y. hwangmina

But you look at successful programs in the gun crew program positions are getting a great sympathy to viewers through a broadcast

Like leaving I think secretly watching TV celebrity yeonaesa look at the growing desire to aspire to become a real couple, two couples authenticity of the broadcast Y. hwangmina couples will have the right to appeal.

Y. hwangmina

And the audience reaction is I'm being proven by the ratings of taste in romance Thursday is the last broadcast did take up 3.7% of the audience the same day JTBC broadcast newsroom 5.9% Maybe you are looking ingeol great value.

The hwangmina is haetneundeyo public 'giver of happiness "video Y. have called on Instagram

Y. hwangmina

Comments to cheer Y. hwangmina dating after the video was also released more than 300 runs.

Y. I hope you have a couple hwangmina just love anyway.


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