Maritel No.2 sister 'Yu Min-ju' married husband who?

Yu Beauty at the Democratic Party November 10 marriage

The news of the marriage has been delivered to the oil Democratic Party babes when operating a dessert cafe.

Note refugees prospective bride posting the 10th wedding coming is called the ordinary public.

After the news conveyed through marriage migrants Instagram that haetneundeyo also released a picture in her wedding dress

U Democratic Marriage

That migrants "I do not think that the work was largely quiet preparing famous person went to a wedding story up first, then go to work today," he said looking at me with the news of his marriage publish this history preached surprise surprised.

U Democratic Marriage

That migrants "nose ahead of the wedding today and in the normal Hebrews days… Previously did not receive a good news for many people who tell, "he said" Thank you. Please keep the meantime, quietly waiting their acquaintances who those friends, family sister brother. This weekend Saturday I'm embarrassed for a good marriage branch, "he preached the marriage news.

U Democratic Marriage

After it was found that the lines of "I'll go live gamyeo send us share that much more populated love nanumyeonseo many congratulations.".

Refugees that appeared to February 28, 2016 in my little television MLT-22 in 'Delhi Manju' and 'Delhi democratic' combined their names and nicknames kukbang hostess neundeyo gained great popularity

U Democratic Marriage

I called 'democratic goat "in a voice resembling the peculiar disadvantages of chlorine received a lot of love to the audience.


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