NORAZO live alone or obtain rights to prevent kkaim jobin Comments ~

This type yiguna too good type!! Kkaim prevent rights acquired NORAZO jobin

Or a peculiar charm to reverse NORAZO jobin appeared live alone, I was greatly loved by the viewers.

NORAZO jobin is opposed to the outer arena unique look at everyday NORAZO jobin it was also surprised everyone with a plain view.

Nahonja live NORAZO

Who NORAZO jobin?

I live alone in a rainbow NORAZO jobin Life Member I'd haeteotdago aspiring comedian originally've tested the MBC comedian bonds with Kim, Dae - Hee was appointed Army munseondae have formed the group after NORAZO dropped from the final examination.

I'm not a comedian who can support the minute I misled the blood flowing through the body of the gag absolute

While holding the slapstick comedy character code's gained popularity

NORAZO jobin is haetneundeyo also I say that it is fun and entertaining people watching their appearance that

Clearing jobin but always a laugh to disguise the unique make-up looking quite handsome, well-minute prayer.

Nahonja live NORAZO

I live alone in NORAZO jobin haetneundeyo surprised both me and put a bottle of cider on the head NORAZO jobin Or was this style that can never digest.

NORAZO jobin day is still a popular and haetneundeyo be realized in the event in live alone

By NORAZO jobin put a soda can on the head finished the event in minutes by one minute at a meeting with fans directly gives take photos haetneundeyo also a good time tiring and tough laws together continue to smile and kindness received an impression in appearance to meet with fans I did.

Nahonja live NORAZO

Acquired rights to prevent NORAZO jobin kkaim

Wednesday Jun Hyun-Moo is haetneundeyo that the NORAZO jobin so nice and prevent kkaim me put all of the comments even on the internet right to your fans
That's going to directly put both commented's not usually a tough job
NORAZO jobin are many malicious comments moatdago that the strength in which Sen.
And I'd namgyeotdago every single malicious comments Reply

Nahonja live NORAZO

After "releasing live too hard.", "Doegetda not stick.Somebody touch", Article entitled "yiguna very good form," they came up I'd like to say after NORAZO jobin has acquired the rights to prevent kkaim.

Nahonja live NORAZO

Nahonja live NORAZO

Baknarae had heard the story was a marvel, saying, "Let meotiteu" I said, surprised even one other member are not easy.


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