Subway shop around 1+1 Good occasion to donate to exercise one price

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A Subway sandwich shop at stores nationwide from November 2 2:00 pm to 4:59 1+1 Proceed with the ceremony.

Subway is indeyo brand with stores 40,004 thousand in 111 countries around the world as a sandwich shop that put most chain stores in the US

Coming standing in the forefront of every year a good one, we get a big hit in Korea.

Subway 1+1

Of The Subway 1+1 Events, as well as in connection with a charity event for the fight against hunger I'd like to offer two to one the price to the consumer at the same time also passed a sandwich like Green Umbrella Children's Foundation.

Thus, the consumer is a good occasion to be donated to the One Price.

Subway 1+1

Last year, Subway has also donated sandwiches for the 66 billion won to the stores around the world participate in charity events, such as 1 + 1 ceremony.

1965Subway started in Connecticut in the United States is entering a sandwich ingredient materials, as well as a feature being able to pick up bread and sauce to taste.

Subway 1+1

Overseas it handeyo itgido received strong support similar to the real McDonald's in 2001 and prayed apjireu McDonald's held a number of shops beyond McDonald.



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