Bizarre minnat above the disk of yangjinho President's own playground

Future Technology Korea President yangjinho 2nd crossbow and Japan Workshop of Horror

The last 30 days the new image of the future technology yangjinho President indiscriminate violence in front of the former employees called to see the other employees and the public are able astonished.

31Breaking news has released a video of President yangjinho forced to kill a chicken with a crossbow and Japan doeul in staff workshops.


I had a little time to make a sling shot to the rubber chicken tremendous honnan his father's day

Kindergarten, not the baby to do a live chicken President of Operations for a leading IT company is questionable whether you can do something like this.


2016Fall yangjinho president of the Institute is located above the disk in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province has said that to eat the baeksuk give a crossbow to employees catch live chickens.

Does the abusive employees who do not deal with the crossbow properly if I'd boyigido pilot himself grabbing a chicken holding a crossbow directly



Employees who shot the video of the moment yanghoejang is wildly screaming match yanghoejang the chicken with a crossbow will also turn the camera.

But the president has yangjinho to employees who hold the chicken in the day crossbows are giving the Japanese were also instructed to catch the chickens this one man throwing out the chicken the other men ran down the chickens come fly with a Japanese sword.


To impact an employee that day participated in the workshop and for a while I'd suffered trauma

What happens to the workshop staff no one knows they 'Workshop of Horror’ It will bulreotdago.

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