Chae, BtoB, Di crunch finalized 12 November comeback

15th anniversary of debut BtoB di Crunch on November 12th comeback from Chae notice

Chae breaking 3 years 6 months blank 12 November comeback

Chae November 12 comeback debut 15th anniversary album, released simultaneously in China Korea

Sexy diva Chae is breaking the space of three years and six months have heralded the comeback November 12.

2015Years, look no video "ryeotneundeyo seen a comeback after the fact for the first time in three years and six months

1112 May comeback

Chae has come to be released as a commemorative album debuted May 12, 15, 11, the anniversary of the start official activities.

Chae is gonna today announced the simultaneous release of this album like a Korean star from South Korea and China

1112 May comeback

Korea as well as the 15th anniversary of his debut album Chae steadily gaining popularity in China is expected to look like the discipline boyeojulji.

BtoB finalized on November 12 comeback

11May 12, a group BtoB am also heralding a surprise comeback

BtoB has released a teaser image indicating the November 12 official comeback through the SNS during 0 to 30 days.

1112 May comeback

Teaser image BtoB public is haetneundeyo making their BtoB members walking look along the road between the wide field in black and white picture special album 'HOUR MOMENT' of the album were contained, and in November, December 6:00 Syrah below contains the phrase There is.

BtoB was released in the last 23 days Single Special Friend is that raising the heat on the current album last job.

Di crunch on the 12th November contest comeback album name

9Member group 'The Crunch' I'm also heralding a comeback

Di crunch agency come Estonian Company in the last 28 days the official fan cafe and YouTube, Preached the news that a comeback to the music industry's first mini-album on November 12 coming through the SNS, etc..

Di crunch with the comeback news haetneundeyo also released a mini-album with images that conspiracy people

1112 May comeback

The public image has members look for a job in a recording studio with the 'FIRST MINT ALBUM' ?With the phrase "We ask a lot of participation in the first mini-album name complicity di crunch going to find you on November 12," he said preached asked directly create an album name to fans.

I think the fans have come to love the music will be the deepest meaning of the day on November 12

Star coming back with a new album, they are the focus of interest boyeojulji look like.


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