Yijaemyeong Branch Police attended a stepping stone saeongjima state of mind delivered

Saeongjima a stepping stone yijaemyeong after the first Governor appointed police attendance

Yijaemyeong preached the state of mind to ancient events and Gyeonggi Governor attend the 29th Seongnam Bundang Police Station. Line Line picture police yijaemyeong Governor “One hour of the game Governor is worth 13 million hours”While “Gotta flush tapping the valuable time you are sorry to residents”I opened the speechless.

Police attended yijaemyeong

Following the "whole truth will be revealed through the police investigation," he said, "Shall not the administrative authority to insaengsa saeongjima not abusing one for personal use. I believe that one preached a stepping stone. ".

Police attended yijaemyeong

To sum up the story of yijaemyeong branches not have used his authority for personal use, but can be seen apil beoleojyeo many ye may live a life bad all things necessarily any doubts going on right now, meaning that the shops in right way are not true It is interpreted to mean.

Police attended yijaemyeong

The yijaemyeong Gyeonggi Governor false information published on the Public Offices Election Law sin, Seongnam admitted trying to abuse the authority to force the market to form a namyongjoe authority, Hot on bribery by several companies to pay more than 16 billion won in advertising nominal Seongnam FC as they were nine weeks(Or third-party bribery) It has been accused of such.

Saeongjima [Frontiersman horse] : Gilhyunghwabok of life will change a lot harder to predict

A stepping stone [Everything has to be Reformed] : The whole thing will necessarily going back to the right way


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