Kang Yong-suk events like the dodo Lawyers legal restraint samunseo fake one year in prison on charges

When Kang Yong-suk's lawyer brother confirmed lawyer may lose eligibility

Kang Yong-suk lawyer was arrested in court accused of counterfeiting samunseo.

People are not just a lawyer to look after the law was sentenced to "type safe than enforcement-type ends five years, After being sentenced to probation, the end of the grace period, people are less than 2 years old are'm stipulates that you can not 'make the practice of law

Since the disruption is expected to defend the actor recently, Mr. Kang Yong-suk gimbuseon lawyer in charge.

Kang Yong-suk

The court has 24 days I jyeotneunde down like the dodo related samunseo counterfeiting cases of first instance sentenced Kang Yong-suk lawyers in this seat got off to prison one year in custody court.

Kang Yong-suk

Kang Yong-suk lawyer Court from seed in January 2015 celebrity blogger Dodo heart of gimmina Mr. Husband A 1 billion won damages danghaja a lawsuit to forge the seal proves power of attorney in the name of Mr. A's collusion with Kim stamp on the proceedings chwihaseo alleged to have been submitted to the court handed.

Kang Yong-suk

Prosecutors had sentence of imprisonment for two years to a lawyer Kang Yong-suk was the 10th month sentence of imprisonment for one year to 24 days Kang Yong-suk of Seoul Central District Court Attorney.

Dodo like Mr. gimmina was previously charged with forgery charges this type is not fixed at the time the appeal was told in December 2016 and sentenced to one year probation and two years in prison.

Meanwhile, Kang Yong-suk lawyer before even if you get that type of lawyer suspended in the trial receive a final judgment by the Supreme Court can continue to see the work.


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