Choi Bool-am found 'TV is loaded with love "60 years ago, a high school friend

TV is loaded with love 60 years ago, I met a high school friend Choi Bool-am

Choi Bool-am was in the 'TV is loaded with love' found 60 years ago in high school days friend.
The last 19 days to broadcast the TV myeongbulheojeon actor Choi Bool-am standing on the carrying of love appeared as a guest was drawn school days friend chajung look to find more seeds.

Choi Bool-am
Choi Bool-am is haetneundeyo ago and in 1957 the central high school fights caught between the central high school students and primary school students transabdominal attended by Mr. jungdeok
After a beat Choi Bool-am transabdominal high school students came preached find Choi Bool-am with a transabdominal high school student representatives spread wrong rumors said the car jungdeok.

Choi Bool-am

Choi Bool-am is in English also spread the confrontation and knowing the car would put jungdeok

But when he threw his hat to the tread he gave Choi Bool-am Choi Bool-am I'm off to pick up a hat

So did you see that day showdown begins.

But the car jungdeok Mr. neundeyo balatgo hat knocked break-spirited descendants of Choi Bool-am

Choi Bool-am

The friends went to look for Choi Bool-am said that "party set fire to the house chajung deukui" The car's house jungdeok

Mr. unexpectedly car jungdeok mother invited into the house I had rice bowls

Bateuni this crap went against accidents I think quite embarrassed seureowoteul.

Choi Bool-am is that I woke up without eating rice tea jungdeok's mother gave up.

Following Choi Bool-am has said it wants to always be apologetic heart iteotdamyeo looking just at the time did not eat rice seed tea jungdeok.

Choi Bool-am

The crew was awesome close encounter of two people know the news that the fact that the car jungdeok Mr. Choi Bool-am living abroad at the end of twists and turns, looking for his.

The reason I quit acting Choi Bool-am

Sometime in the broadcast ma'am.Do can see Choi Bool-am

Tak Chi retirement story that you could see what appeared to continue "Folks Koreans' I think you have come broadcasting activities andeogunyo dramas and movies

So why not haetneundeyo

I never once appeared on 'integral part deacon' s February

But then I say favors

Choi Bool-am

"I felt he would quit as the final work”Said, "The big goerigam. Director, Do you guys just harder to be the artist's intellectual development itself seems to be no, "he preached.

So the story was filmed and broadcast staff thought he would quit looking at me that hard himself.

I learn from the senior position I think broadcasting crew would have been forced to guard naturally

This part is rather try to think that did the damage to producers.


TV is loaded with love

1994Years' TV is carrying love on May 23 began its first broadcast, the program suggests a liberal May 8 the KBS representative OLD broadcast in 2010.

Celebrity Liz school alumni, Gentle touches to the program looking for a nostalgic person, including a program that was eunsanim and sometimes self-tears.

Especially when you meet someone and end of the broadcast to find its appearance was jugido impress many.

The initial 30 ~ TV broadcast recorded high ratings of 40% is carrying love move, in 2000, both finished the tolerable celebrities appeared neundeyo've celebrities and entertainers have appeared a lot of rookies this

I looked at best be a few years reporting format did not meet face to forgo come back during the excitement when we meet again and friends did not meet during the decades long years apart ma'am.Do

Yeah eventually broadcast in 2010 was also the ratings fell OLD.


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