Actor Kim, Jeong - Tai battling liver cancer sbs new drama 'style of the Empress' off

Actor Kim, Jeong - Tai liver cancer early will gansuchi after lowering surgery

Actor Kim, Jeong - Tai has been the news that you're battling liver cancer.

Neundeyo According to the new SBS drama 'style of the Empress' officials said that "Kim, Jeong - Tai off at the Empress because of the quality of battling liver cancer."

Kim, Jeong - Tai did not know I'd have a liver fact, all while photographing yeoeul

The recently discovered off the liver and balhyeotdago doctors in the 'dignity of the Empress'.

Kim, Jeong - Tai

Kim, Jeong - Tai Kim, Jeong - Tai is the agency that "this was the onset of liver cirrhosis simhaejyeo for the time being, decided to concentrate on the executive's treatment," said you for your consideration in the "drama side plans to focus on treatment after getting off. I will try for a quick kwaecha "he preached.

Kim, Jeong - Tai

His real name is Kim, Jeong - Tai is born gimtaeuk 17 January 1973.

1999In the film debuted in the film industry through 'the yijaesu I' haetneundeyo favorite activities until the movie Friends 2001

Conscious of senior artists gimtaeuk while riding a famous movie with a friend working as a stage name is Kim, Jeong - Tai from the movie "Mutt" starring Jung Woo Sung and 2003.

Kim, Jeong - Tai

Kim, Jeong - Tai's minutes are reliable with a degree of force to say that I'm a real gangster extraordinary appearance from the beginning because it was cast with a cast of more than 80% of gang or similar job.

With gang role haetneundeyo lot of detective role

Articles that much better digested Maybe cast any evidence that acting is great.

However, the actual owner of the otherwise fragile girl called Kim, Jeong - Tai has emotional drama and character.

Kim, Jeong - Tai

Kim, Jeong - Tai posted in the last 19 years in 2009 by his wife and the wedding are devotees neundeyo got a son in 2011 while he starred in The Return of Superman was also joined in 2014 jeokgyeop.

Meanwhile Kim, Jeong - Tai has plans to surgery after reducing the current levels of liver cancer between that initial state.


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