Motive behind speaking announcers who uncovered gimsumin?

The sweet and the title of the youngest announcer announcer gimsumin joined SBS 2018 years become a hot topic to the public dwitdamhwa friend.

1997Announcer in the gimsumin 22-year-old born in this year are currently being enrolled at Korea National University of Arts in Seoul through a notice.

This is the record of the past 25 years in which the SBS announcer announcer jangyewon age in 2013 will be broken.

Gimsumin Announcer

I'd grown proficient with enough skills to be able to establish itself as a definite prediction SBS announcer signage

Also gimsumin announcer am also experienced a crowdfunding project for years No. victims who died in the cold waters in the past, such as their age,

Gimsumin Announcer

Then create a tribute sticker to open funding has also donated the proceeds to solidarity 4.16.

But this minute I'm being a hot topic throughout the day olrimyeo the name day today, real-time searches

Gimsumin Announcer

Gimsumin announcer dwitdamhwa motivated incidents uncovered base has yireot.

Gimsumin announcer then pass on the SBS announcer I got a congratulatory message to a friend

The friend “Dwaeseo good good things you want and you. Are you more successful nature of the industry and also dont try catch only the view of the tough targets we hope Hopefully well”Said naetneundeyo gun congratulations

Looking up to Yogi “Hey ~ really cool friends'” Handeyo only it is called

Gimsumin Announcer

But a friend in another private room “Already even know what a celebrity line. Do not ever do the same thing also mipbo large and small is entirely a social maneusinde go out and tell those around Sarah and I hope walks. But the kid that big thing wrong coy ve seen it slide piled forage hate that view stacked or two myeoing not so many people around me end this situation, ” He said that the dwitdamhwa will not be near a hole gimsumin.

In fact, no place I naratnim that the dwitdamhwa

But it's a conversation going gimsumin saw a hole.

Hull -!

Gimsumin Announcer

The announcer gimsumin “Congratulations geomyeon is going to raise this should not be allowed. Articles vary remove”Said that The synchronization of friends “Because you have at least one yirwot who want to own it but was really heart to celebrate”Said “Article anyway, secret accounts and I'll take care of is my account. Well jinaera” That I had the answer.

The gimsumin itneyo announcer become a hot topic such as public conversations on their SNS.

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