Moon Jae-President Abe met Reconciliation Healing Foundation suggests dismissed

Moon Jae-President, you are the US local time on the 25th to mention the conclusion of the settlement Healing Foundation to support comfort women victims in one day summit in New York Reconciliation Healing Foundation dissolved the visualization.

According to Cheong Wa Dae Moon Jae-President to the Prime Minister Abe “This situation can not but not dead, and the normal functioning opposed to reconciliation and national healing foundation of comfort damages grandmother”He said, “There is a need to build wisely knot”He has said that the former.

Reconciliation Healing Foundation

This one remark of President John Moon Jae In fact geotinde one will notice the hagetdaneun dismissed the reconciliation Healing Foundation in Japan

Government officials “Orientation is from the situation the President's remarks”He said, “Gathering opinions and victims will be soon going to discuss the government's position on the relevant ministries tenderly to the Foundation”I said that.

Reconciliation Healing Foundation

Reconciliation Healing Foundation haetneundeyo depending on January 12, 2015. At the time Park Geun-hye government agreed one day comfort launched in July 2016

Sea of ​​Japan appeared about 9.9 billion won a 1 billion yen Hanwa comfort women victims and heal the gold payment business for the bereaved.

Reconciliation Healing Foundation

But since May last year, the government launched Moon Jae-government proceed with the review of the agreement and comfort while the key cover the full amount 1,000,000,000 yen that Japan appeared to cut the government budget was in fact angry yumyeongmusil.

Reconciliation Healing Foundation

In addition, reconciliation, healing power cut while civilians resignation of the board of directors late last year is a function stop state.

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