Gender murder screening ban disposable apply to apologize to the families Publisher

Movie male and female murder Publisher (week)Film 295 points given "victim families who wound about the male and female murder screening ban disposable application, I sincerely apologize to us that ".

Publisher will pay an official stance on the 21st of "offering articles about the murder sexes screened ban disposable application" was an apology from families.

Gender murder

Brand is "movie and ventilation interest to go Buck forgotten without being counted in the official crime statistics crime, He has been described as a criminal obsession with somyeonggam of trying Revealing the truth and was made in the spirit of party. ".

Gender murder

Following "gained a motif in the nature of a true story of a genre of crime misfires pole was built around a detective digging for male and female crime," he said "remove parts that can suggest a specific victim in the production process to avoid mistaken as an audience are real and most have adapted, "he preached.

Gender murder

In addition, he said that "this was just part of who failed to carefully consider the fact that these people can get involved in the process of getting hurt in misfire lack the motif in the process of obtaining the consent of the bereaved families.".

Gender murder

Following preached that "late, but were going to lay down adequate communication with the families of those victims will actually the best measures to prevent the kind of damage Dear families in the marketing and promotion process forward.".

Gender murder

Movie male and female murder I'd confessed to seven murders in prison, adding this is to believe in the confessions of the killers behind other films the story of a detective chasing events.

SBS 'I want to know it, this is by meeting with directors such as Kim, Tae - Gyun real protagonist actors in the criminal work completed through an interview with Kim Yoon-seok, covering five years, Ju Ji Hoon, Moon Jung-hee, Jin Seon-Kyu, Heo, Jin, The wonhyeonjun such as the appearance.

Gender murder

But in as the content of the movies released the sister of the actual murder victims it occurred in Busan pulled the movie banned injunction application to Seoul Central District Court last 20 days, saying the "male and female murder similarly depict the events The male and female murders make the side this He preached the articles of apples from families for.

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