Sunye third pregnant singer's birth in January next year my husband who?

Wonder Girls Sunye are three kids

Wonder Girls Sunye singer(29()She was pregnant with a third.

Sunye is heralding a comeback in August haeteotneundeyo authentic activity seems to be after the birth in January.

Sunye agency Polaris Entertainment 21 days “Pregnant belly child in sharpness and scheduled in January next year, giving birth to a healthy state both” Sunye said, preached the pregnancy news.

Sunye third pregnancy

Sunye is seen stunning vocals lines do not vary with the prime appeared in August bokmyeonga king prevailed collect interest on comeback

The fact that at the time of the comeback sharpness is known the fact that the contract with Polaris Entertainment sharpness was also a hot topic.

Sunye third pregnancy

Sunye third pregnancy

Sunye can go over to Canada after leaving the Wonder Girls haetneundeyo while married to her husband, the last mission in 2013 with two daughters.

Sunye third pregnancy

Sunye third pregnancy

The sharp-pointed agency is “Please bless your sharpness and sharpness family will welcome a new family with warm hearts dont support to be born healthy well”I preached to his fans.

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