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Park Min-young, cosmopolitan Berlin pictorial Rocco Dream Tree secret workout

Park Min-young, cosmopolitan Berlin pictorial full yippeum

'Why is this the gimbiseo’ In October the pictorial, cosmopolitan actress Park Min-young of the Republic of Korea made a gimbiseo heartburn has been released.

Park Min-young, cosmopolitan pictorial I'd have been shot in Berlin

The fall of the Berlin sun and has an attractive visuals are stunning works of Park Min-young.

Park Min Pictorial

Park Min-young 'Why is this the gimbiseo’ OLD After a while I'd like to have a rest period

Currently free, relaxation, Under the motto of free time that I'm there and jjotgi is trying to have the best free without

Yet in order to prevent what he preached idleness terminate that daily exercise and classes.

Park Min Pictorial

Park Min Pictorial

Park Min Pictorial

Park Min Pictorial

Park Min Pictorial

Evaluation of peripheral vs. Rocco Quinn Park Min-young myself 'Rocco Dream Tree’ The expression fits gatdamyeo “The first challenge through a romantic comedy, but much more wonderful than I gimmiso that can be postponed were many similarities in the character was so happy in itself”He said, we enjoyed a modest appearance in the peripheral evaluation.

Meanwhile, Park Min-young, try to look forward and take breaks now I'd like to review jungyirago sequel back on more wonderful character in a short time.

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