Pagyeong currently divorced his wife and married naked in Dong 10,003 years

Dong divorced now barely 10,003 years of marriage to divorce

Group oil from kids' Dong(24)"You step on divorce proceedings with his wife only married three years.

I'd like that Dong is currently living apart from his wife to the custody of the son that will be determined through a process.

Dong Divorced

20According to one ytn hagwa Dong submit divorce papers recently preached that the court is preparing to break with wife.

Dong Divorced

Currently the Dong Son was reportedly staying with his wife.

Dong has became a big topic up his wife and the wedding of the year in the last 11 years older than 2015, and became a father takes his son in May next year,.

Dong Divorced

2008Neundeyo years pyeolchyeot a variety of activities in the Donghu movies and entertainment programs debuted with u kids were discontinued activities in 2013 after working as a DJ.


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